BKM Boulder Licence

If you are at the age of 8-13 then you need a boulder licence from Boulder Klub Mamer to be able to access the Bloc Brill with your membership. Youngsters 8-11 need to possess the licence and be accompanied by a parent when bouldering at Bloc Brill in Mamer. Youngsters from 12-13 need to possess a licence only.

Boulder Licence Course

It would be appreciated if parents of age group 8-12 could stay during the course.
Course time: 1.5 hours
Course material:

  • Climbing Shoes (will be provided in case the youngster does not have their own).
  • Crashpad (will be provided in case the youngster does not have their own).

Licence is issued to ensure the safety of young people bouldering at Bloc Brill.
During the course we focus on:

  • Safety during bouldering
  • How to climb safely
  • How to come down safely
  • Know your limits
  • Use of crashpads
  • How to spot your fellow boulderer
  • How to behave at a bouldering area
  • Warm up for bouldering
  • Brushing holds
  • Warn club committee members if something unusual is spotted e.g. broken holds


There are no planned dates for these courses but Boulder Klub Mamer will host them according to demand. To book your boulder Licence course please fill in the form below and we will get back to you with the date of the course.
Price: 25 Eur

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